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Comedy 2019 online campaign directed for Shell through Octagon and Milkmoney. 

Shot at the Berlin E-Prix and the Shell Technology centre Hamburg. So great to work with the very talented 'Future Thinkers' Edward and Kami. Our two Shell stooges Karsten and Christopher are real Shell technologists - they did an outstanding job too!

Director: Richard Mullane 

Director of Photography: Simon Waldock

Production Company: Milkmoney 

Creatives: Joe Stuart and Cos Georgiou at Octagon 

Creative Director: Kevin Howes at Octagon

Creative Director: Josh Green at Octagon

Account Director: Moira Chew at Octagon

Account Manager: Josh Wheatley at Octagon

Planning Director: Henry Nash at Octagon

Producer: Sarai Carson at Milkmoney  

Assoc. Executive Producer: Sam Farrance at Milkmoney 

Production Manager: Sarah Shepherd at Milkmoney

Casting: Hannah Simons, Hannah Simons Casting

Casting Sessions Director: Remy Beasley

Wardrobe: David Hawkins


Editors: Josh Palmer & Tim Goddard 

Post: Milkmoney

Grade Producer: Gus Quirk, Coffee and TV 

Colourist: Katie Dymmock, Coffee and TV 

Sound design: Thom Paisley, Hurricane Sound


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