Breathtaking Athens

Breathtaking Athens won at the Berlin Golden City Gate Awards 2010 - 50,000 views and counting.

Living Projects were commissioned by Breathtaking Athens, a new awareness initiative for The City of Athens, to come up with a range of concepts and to produce a short viral film to promote Athens as a tourist destination to a global audience. The open brief was for a creative piece that would reveal a wide variety of city locations in a poetic way.

We created the concept of a roving bubble, representing moments of inspiration of visitors, the ever changing character of the city and of breath 'taken away'. Our bubble takes the viewer on a journey through well known parts of the city, as well as some secret spots.

Living Projects directed with SamuelChristopher over a 1 week shoot. The images are all genuine shots of the living city with real bubbles created by 'Krazybubbler', Emil of performance artists Banialuki. Living Projects worked with Soundlens to create an original score for the piece, performed by Josh Crocker and Craig Scott.   

The film is part of ongoing web campaigns and is displayed on screens at Breathtaking Athens information points for tourists at Athens airport, transport links and in the city centre. Featured in Creative Review among others.

Some comments so far:

"It inspired me to see Athens as truly beautiful!"

"Perfect video. This is the best image of Athens I've seen, away from the corny ads of the last few years. Great idea!"

"So beautiful! Lost for words."

"Its so Athens. But such a gentle view of Athens. It's wonderful."

"**** I love that film. Its so cute and strange and simple at the same time. Really impressed."

"Beautiful, what a fantastic visual thread, the bubble."

"This is great. Very sensitive and stylish. I will gladly pass it on."

"What a beautiful film. Love it."

"Beautiful. Say again, all the bubbles were real apart from 3? Amazing."

"How wonderful. The city looks so beautiful, and what a calming place. A work of great patience and expertise."


Written, Produced and Directed by Richard Mullane; Directed by SamuelChristopher; DOP Sam Tootal; Edit and Post Production Chris Turner; Produced by Melissa Lascaratou; Production Manager Mia Oeser; Music by Josh Crocker, Soundlens; Grade by Steffan Perry/Framestore. For Benita.